Payment of Tuition

Tuition is annually based and is broken down into monthly installments for your convenience. Any unpaid tuition or late fees are added on to your account and must be paid in full before receiving costumes or recital tickets. Students who fall more than two months behind on payments will not be allowed to take class; until past due money is paid in full.

Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit Card: Tuition charged automatically to your Credit/Debit card on the 1st of each month.

Cash/Check:  Tuition may be paid by cash or check with a Credit/Debit card on file or Last month’s tuition will be required to be paid in advance.

In Full: We offer a one-time payment discount for annual tuition.  This discount is available until October 1st.  Families who take advantage of this discount are making a commitment to the entire school year.  After November 1st, no partial refund is available if a student chooses to withdraw from classes during the school year.  However, a student may choose to switch to another class if it is as the same monthly tuition amount.   You must still have debit information or credit card on file for incidental charges such as costume and show tickets but you may still elect to pay those fees by cash as well.

  • 10% discount for check/cash payments
  • 5% discount for credit card payments  

Please Note: A $25 charge will be applied to any account with a returned check.

Past Due Accounts

Late fees will apply after 30 days of non-payment ($25), 45 days ($50). After 60 days, the student will be asked to leave the class.


There is 30 day notice required to withdrawal and discontinue any classes. Withdrawal must be done in writing through the school office and will not be accepted over the phone. No withdrawals will be accepted after April 1st. To withdraw from classes a parent or adult student must complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the school and thus prevent further billing. Accounts will be closed only on the day "withdrawal form" is received at the academy and your account will be charged a 30 day tuition withdrawal fee which is due at time of withdrawal. Only unbilled portions of tuition will be cancelled. Performing Arts Academy of Jupiter reserves the right to terminate enrollment to any students without notice. In such a case a refund for unused tuition will be given. There are NO REFUNDS on tuition for classes that have already been completed.

Costume Fees (for dance students only)

Costume fee is $100 per class that is participating in the dance concert or showcase. A non-refundable costume down payment of $25 per class must be received at time of registration in order to confirm class time. Costume balance of $75 per class will be charged in equal monthly installments Sept 1st, Oct 1st and Nov 1st.

Costume fees must be paid in full by December 1st and are not refundable after that time.  For families that register after December 1st, if you wish to participate in the recital, payment of costume fee is due at the time of registration.  No changing of classes will be allowed after December 1st.  The year-end production information packet will be distributed in April of each year detailing all information necessary for year-end shows.

Private Lesson Make Up Policy

Private lesson make up’s will be awarded once a semester (at instructors discretion).  After the make-up is used, there will be an additional $10 charge per make up lesson.  24 hour notice must be given to be eligible for makeup opportunity.

Dress Code

Required class attire must be worn at all times. Failure to wear required dancewear to class can result in students being asked to sit out the class. Repeated failure to wear required class attire can result in termination of enrollment. Dress Code will be discussed at registration.

Attendance and Lateness

We reserve the right to have students who come late to class, sit out of that class. We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable, however, a pupil who is more than 10 minutes late for class may be asked by the teacher to observe rather than take class. This is not a disciplinary measure, but it is done with the student’s best interests in mind - especially those where higher levels are concerned. A student who misses the beginning exercises runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up. Please make sure the student understands this. Repeated lateness may result in termination of enrollment.

A minimum attendance standard will be required. If a student misses an unreasonable amount of classes without any prior notification, Performing Arts Academy of Jupiter reserves the right to terminate enrollment. Students missing more than 4 classes per subject after February will not be allowed to participate in the year-end production in that subject. Make-up classes for missed classes can be taken anytime throughout the year. Please call the school office to arrange your make up time.

Corrections & Behavior

Students are expected to behave in class and mind the teacher at all times. Teachers will verbally discipline students, if necessary, and if a student becomes disruptive, he or she will be removed from the class.

There will be times when the teachers will employ a hands on approach to adjusting/correct students form or dancing position.

Care of Students

Performing Arts Academy of Jupiter is not responsible for providing before or after care for students. Students are NOT to be left at the school for excessive time periods (no longer than 10 minutes) before or after their classes. All students left over 10 minutes without supervision or prior arrangements will be charged a daycare fee of $10/child for every ½ hour the child is left in the studio unattended. We appreciate your understanding. If you need alternate arrangements, please notify the school in advance (fees apply).

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Drop Off: There is no supervision outside of our studio, therefore we do not recommend young students be dropped off to walk themselves to the front door and enter the studio. Please park your car and walk students in to the studio.

Pick Up: Parents are not permitted to pull up and wait for students to emerge from the studio for pickup. This causes a significant disruption to the parking nearby the studio and flow of cars through the parking lot. Additionally it prevents good visibility for students and parents using the cross walk. Please park your car and walk in to retrieve students from the studio.


All students are required to be covered by their own insurance, and if an injury occurs, it is understood that the students and their families are responsible for any medical costs. By signing this form you absolve Performing Arts Academy of Jupiter of any liability due to injury caused in and around the studio facility.


Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on academy property resulting from any activity conducted by students before, during or after class time. No one is permitted to dance with an injury. Students under 18 with an injury are required to have a doctor’s note of permission to be in class.


Any photography and or video-tape taken during class or school activities may be used by Performing Arts Academy of Jupiter for publicity purposes.


Policies Revised April 2016