Musical Theater

Musical Theater Dance

Age 7+ years – Beginner-Advanced

A workshop style class that combines all three aspects of musical theater and combines them into a high energy Broadway style performance.  Students will learn to sing, dance, and act; a true triple threat! They will learn numbers from shows, past and present, and build a repertoire of Musical Theater knowledge to last a lifetime.

Acting Classes

Acting classes are formulated for all levels and all interests.  The majority of the program is structured around the skills and keys of Improvisational Theater.  Within improv structures, students are taught the fundamentals of storytelling, character development, scene building, comedic and dramatic structure, monologue work, scene study, voice/speech, and movement.  All class work content and materials are age appropriate.  As the student progresses there will be class requirements implemented in order to ensure the complete development of the student actor.  


Beginner:  Basic fundamentals of improvisation, storytelling, listening and building, physical exploration, proper breathing, projection and pronunciation

Intermediate:  Continued exploration of more advanced forms of improvisation; fundamentals of storytelling, listening and building, role playing, narrative work, emotional connection, and physical exploration.   Required: Completion of Beginner Improvisation

Advanced:  Advanced improvisation and acting techniques, focus on truth and emotional range, narrative skills and monologue work.  Required: Completion of Intermediate Improvisation and 1 Voice Class


Bak Prep for Theater and Musical Theater

Bak/Dreyfoos prep classes are designed for students planning to audition for the magnet school programs at Bak, Dreyfoos or other Arts schools.  The curriculum will be designed in support of the requirements for the audition process as outlined by Palm Beach County School Board.  The classes are geared for Students in 4th/5th grade auditioning for Bak Bak prep classes are offered in Theater and Musical Theater. 

Students looking to audition for Dreyfoos, please inquire about taking private lessons with one of our teachers.